At Quicktron, we revolutionize intralogistics automation through our intelligent robotic solutions. Our cutting-edge Goods- to-Person Picking and Smart Moving solutions utilize advanced AI algorithms, liberating humans from the mundane tasks of handling warehouse and factory logistics. By embracing our industry-leading technology, businesses can optimize their intralogistics operations with unrivaled efficiency.


Streamlined Picking, Elevated Productivity!

Quicktron's Goods-to-Person (GTP) solution is an advanced warehouse automation system that utilizes mobile robots (AMRs) to deliver products directly to operators at their pick stations, eliminating the need for unnecessary movement. This cost-effective and highly efficient solution is designed to optimize warehouse operations by eliminating non-value- added activities. The system's proprietary algorithms, along with RCS, WCS, WES systems, and CE-certified robots ensure top-notch performance and safety.

QuickBin / Bin-to-person
Unique coordination among two types of robots for optimized storage and smooth transfer of bins of goods between the storage area and workstations, resulting in faster order fulfillment.
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Shelf / Rack-to-person
Automated delivery of goods racks/shelves to workstations allows massive SKU handling efficiently. Elimination of non-value-added activities enhances operational efficiency.
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A step toward unmanned operations!

Our smart moving solutions are advanced point-to-point material handling technology. Robots use QR codes, SLAM, or hybrid navigation technology that ensures the smooth mobility of goods within a warehouse or factory floor. Point-to-point solutions perform tasks like transfer and lift as well as moving pallets, goods, parts, and half-finished products in different application settings.

Inbound-Outbound Logistics
Automate your inbound and outbound logistics processes using AMRs that can perform a variety of tasks, such as loading and unloading trucks, transporting goods to storage locations, and picking and packing orders.
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Material Handling
Transform your material handling through AMRs that autonomously navigate through warehouses and factories, efficiently transporting goods, handling repetitive tasks, and enhancing productivity while reducing manual labor costs and errors.
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Production Flow
Connect your workflows and automate your production lines with safe, flexible, and adaptable robotic solutions, giving you the power to boost your productivity 4X.
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