Robots Booting Efficiency in Fashion Brand’s Fulfillment Operations
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Urban Revivo is a prominent Chinese fast fashion brand that boasts a network of 1,000 stores across China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. The brand is widely recognized for offering trendy and affordable clothing along with a diverse range of accessories, shoes, and bags. The company’s manual warehouse faced challenges in keeping up with modern delivery demands, resulting in inefficiencies in order processing. The company sought an automation solution that could enhance efficiency without requiring major structural changes to its existing operations.

Challenges and Objectives

Soaring Delivery Demands
Inefficiencies in Order Processing
Cost Control
Storage Optimization

To meet modern delivery demands, Urban Revivo's manual warehouse struggled to keep pace, leading to inefficiencies in order processing. They required automation that can enhance efficiency without major structural changes. The company encountered the following challenges:

  • Delivery Demands: Struggling to meet the demands of modern and efficient order processing and delivery.
  • Order Processing Efficiency: Inefficiencies and higher error rates in their manual warehouse hindered order processing.
  • Cost Control: The need to control labor costs while improving overall efficiency.
  • Storage Optimization: Maximizing storage capacity without expanding the physical warehouse.

To address these challenges, Urban Revivo established the following objectives:

  • Automation: Implement an automation solution to enhance order processing efficiency.
  • Efficiency Improvement: Achieve a significant increase in order processing efficiency.
  • Cost Reduction: Reduce labor costs while maintaining or improving efficiency.
  • Storage Optimization: Optimize storage capacity within the existing warehouse space.

Solution and Benefits

4500 SQM
Automated Area
Mobile Robots
200,000 item/d
Inventory Processing
Efficiency Boost

Quicktron's solution has revolutionized Urban Revivo's warehouse operations, introducing a robotic Shelf-to-Person (GTP) system seamlessly integrated with conveyor belts in a 4500 square meter automated space. Advanced operating WES and RCS systems efficiently manage inventory. Key outcomes include:

  • Robotic Integration: A total of 40 M-Series AMRs were deployed to handle a diverse inventory of 10,000 SKUs.
  • Efficiency Increase: The innovative solution led to a remarkable 30% increase in efficiency.
  • Storage Expansion: Urban Revivo's storage capacity expanded by 15%, maximizing the use of their existing space.
  • Order Fulfillment: The system enabled Urban Revivo to smoothly fulfill its B2B orders, dispatching an impressive 6 million items monthly to UR stores.
  • Picking Efficiency: Picking efficiency was boosted by 30%.
  • Inventory Handling: The system handled a substantial inventory of 200,000 items per day.
  • Cost Reduction: Labor costs were reduced by 10%, contributing to overall cost savings.

" The remarkable efficiency increase and expanded storage capacity have allowed us to meet the demands of modern order processing and delivery. We can now smoothly fulfill B2B orders while effectively controlling labor costs. Quicktron's commitment to excellence is evident in their solutions, and we're excited about the future possibilities they offer."

Urban Revivo

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